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  • In our current climate of do-it-yourself homeowners gardening at home, compost has seen a dramatic increase in use. As a result, Top Spray has needed outsource to other compost suppliers to meet this demand. This includes Green Cart compost.

    Green Cart compost is a very nutrient rich compost and meets the specifications of category A compost as outlined in the CCME Guidelines (Canadian Council of the Ministers of the Environment). The downside with this compost is managing contaminates such as hard and soft plastics. The reason this happens is consumers dispose of non-compostable materials into the Green Carts. Compost manufacturers try their best to remove these items through sorting and screening but are not 100% successful.

    Top Spray has always prided itself on providing our clients with high quality products, but we are also very enthusiastic about composing and reducing compostable products from entering the landfill.

    I want to emphasize that NutriLoam, NutriLoam Plus and NutriOM are high quality soil blends and meet the guidelines of Category A compost and as a member of the Compost Council of Canada and our compost meets the CQA requirements (Compost Quality Alliance).

    For more information regarding the CQA requirements click on the image below.