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  • Titan 330 HydroSeeder

  • The Finn T330 Hydroseeder is the most powerful member of the Finn Hydroseeder family.  The capabilities, conveniences, and output are unmatched in the industry delivering the utmost in performance and productivity.


    • 3000 gallon (11,356 L) working capacity
    • Main tank monitor with a discharge distance of 230 ft. (70 m)
    • Rear mounted hose reel with 200 ft. (60 m) of hose.
    • Optimum mixing capabilities featuring twin hydraulically controlled paddle agitation.

    The Titan 330 Hydroseeder has been mounted on a 2015 T800 Kenworth Tri-Drive chassis. Which means this unit comes loaded with slurry to the job site. The truck is also equipped with the TIREBOSS Tire Pressure Control system, which give us the ability to access the most challenging sites and decreasing our footprint on the construction site.