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  • NutriLoam Plus

  • Test Data: pH 6.5-7.5, Organic Matter 15-24%

    NutriLoam Plus is a high quality all-purpose soil blend used for creating rich landscapes with healthy lawns, trees, shrubs, perennials...and more (see application rates).

    This professional soilless mix is manufactured with our NutriOM compost, NutriSoil and has the added benefit of perlite.

    Perlite is lightweight expanded volcanic glass. When mixed with soils, it increases aeration and drainage, which helps root development. It also helps maintain soil moisture for less watering. Perlite is recommended as a starting medium for rooting and germination.

    NutriLoam Plus is very workable in all weather conditions unlike topsoil or your traditional garden mix. This product provides excellent water retention and contains good levels of macro and micro nutrients that is essential to plant growth. Simply one of the best growing medium available on the market.

    Application Rate: Apply 1”-2” (25mm-50mm) on top of topsoil and underneath sod or broadcast your grass seed over top and lightly rake in to establish a new lawn. For topdressing, apply ¼” - ½” (5mm-12mm) onto existing turf/lawn. Apply 12”-18” (300mm-450mm), or as needed in flower gardens and shrub beds. Use full strength as potting soil for all flower pots, planters and containers. For vegetable gardens, mix product at a ratio of 25-35% of total potting mix. Application rate will vary upon specific use and personal preference.

    The proportion of available sodium, which if used in too heavy a proportion, could cause some problems with sensitive species. We recommend blending this material at a minimum of 4-5 parts soil blended to each part of this compost to assist in diluting the sodium concentration.