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  • NutriOM

  • Test Data: pH 6.8-7.8, Organic Matter 35-45%, C:N 25-30:1

    A high quality compost for amending existing soil that may be lacking organic matter. NutriOM also contains good levels of macro and micro nutrients for healthy plant growth; therefore it offers a host of advantages over the traditional use of peat moss.  In addition to using as a soil amendment, NutriOM can be used in topdressing and container gardening to improve soil structure and reduce compaction.   This product meets all Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment (CCME) Compost Quality Guidelines for Category A compost.

    Application Rate:  For amending existing soil, apply 1” (25mm) layer onto the soil surface and work into the top 6” (150mm) of topsoil. For topdressing, apply ¼” - ½” (5mm-12mm) onto existing turf/lawn. For maximum results apply to turf areas after aeration, overseeding and follow with raking it in and watering of 1” (25mm) dept. For planters, mix product at a ratio of 15- 20% of total potting mix.