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  • NutriSoil

  • Test Data: pH 7.8, Organic Matter 24%, C:N Ratio 55:1, K 2.12%, Mg 7.46%, Ca 89.14%

    Spray Lake Sawmills (SLS) has been operating from the Cochrane location since 1969. Throughout this time, products such as bark, sawdust, shavings and dirt has accumulated in various forms on the site. As part of our effort to keep a clean site, this product is moved to our outer berms of the property. The material in these berms has been aging and breaking down for as long as 50 years.  

    To create NutriSoil, Top Spray is using a 3/8 trommel screener to remove rocks and woody debris from this material. The finished product has the look of topsoil with peatmoss. This product is unique as weed seeds are almost nonexistent due to the long aging process in the berm rows.

    NutriSoil, if added to the soil, will provide rich organic matter for nutrients and water retention. NutriSoil can also be used for fill, when planting large planting stock or as an organic layer over topsoil before sodding. By itself, it will not have the structural characteristics of topsoil to sustain vegetable growth.