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  • Rocky Mountain Mulch

  • Top Spray's Rocky Mountain Mulch® is a combination of pine and spruce white wood and bark residuals from our sawmill operations in Cochrane Alberta. This mulch is a 4 inch and smaller, wood piece size and contains more white wood than bark. Due to the bigger size of the whitewood, the bark will break down sooner.

    Our production process for Rocky is similar to Foothills. The hog (mulch) is aged for four to eight months in large piles and temperatures average 80 degrees C. This aging and heating process ensures an insect and disease-free product. We then screen our product to separate out our EcoBark then grind it obtain Rocky Mountain Mulch.

    Rocky Mulch is a larger sized mulch and has an advantage in resisting wind erosion. It’s great for acreages and wide open areas and still has a good percentage of finer mulch to retain moisture and deter weeds. Rocky is also our largest much we can run through our blower trucks.