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  • TerraSeeding

    Terraseeding is the process of applying enriched soil and seed for erosion control and to establish new turf. A custom mix of fertilizers and tackifiers can be added in the blend to truly customize your application. Benefits Seed is mixed with the soil rather than exposed on the surface Germination is greatly increased because of the warmth and moisture surrounding the seed in the soil NutriLoam [...]

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    Filtrexx FilterSoxx

    Top Spray is a trained and certified installer of all Filtrexx product lines. This ensures proper installation and maximize best management practices.Ā 

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    10 Feb 2015 | Erosion Control

    Rexius EcoBlanketĀ® is a special compost/mulch ground cover combined with Microblend tackifier. This product is pneumatically applied with our Blower Trucks to control and reduce soil erosion. An EcoBlanket stabilizes the soil, prevents splash, sheet and rill erosion and removes suspended soil particles and contaminants from water moving off the site and into adjacent waterways or storm water [...]

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