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  • Foothills Premium Mulch

  • Top Spray’s signature Foothills Premium Mulch® is comprised of pine and spruce white wood and bark residuals from our sawmill operations in Cochrane Alberta.

    Production Process

    Foothills Mulch is aged four to eight months, often with pile temperatures reaching upwards of 80 degrees C. This process enhances the colour and ensures that we produce a pest and disease free product year after year.  

    Our hogging and screening processes allow us to produce the perfect range of particle sizes to create a tight-knit barrier for exceptional weed control and water retention. 

    Certified OMRI Listed Product OMRI has approved Foothills Premium Mulch as an organic product (free from impurities, dyes and preservatives).  This mulch complies with the Canadian Organic Standards and is approved for use in certified organic production, processing and handling.  

    Reasons why Foothills Premium Mulch is a superior mulch to use in your landscaping: 

    • Mix of coarser and finer pieces to form a  tight-knit barrier for optimal weed suppression. 
    • Finer pieces act as an absorbent which has an excellent moisture holding capability to  reduce the need of frequent watering. 
    • As the finer pieces decompose, it will  provide an excellent source of organic matter to improve soil structure and plant health.
    • Unique mixed particle sizes act as a perfect insulator for maintaining an even soil temperature and form a protective layer to  reduce soil erosion and compaction.
    • Aged properly so it will not rob nitrogen from your soil.
    • Screened to formulated particle sizes so it knits together perfectly when applied to  keep it in place.
    • Rich natural colour to provide instant curb appeal. 
    • Proudly produced in Alberta.

    We send our mulch for lab test on a regular basis to A&L Laboratories. Please contact us if you wish to receive our most recent test results.