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  • Montane Garden Mulch

  • Top Spray's Montane Garden Mulch is a combination of pine and spruce white wood and bark residuals from our sawmill operations in Cochrane Alberta. This mulch is a 3/8 inch minus and smaller. This fine product will run through your fingers. It offers optimum weed control and moisture retention. Due to it's density, a 2 inch application is suffice. Montane has the initial tendency to repel water, so it's important to water once you have applied it to your beds until it is soaked. As it's our smallest mulch it will break down faster than our chunkier mulches, so check the level each year.

    Applied, this mulch is similar to soil in appearance and provides a smooth neutral look to your flowerbeds.

    Montane Garden Mulch is an OMRI Listed Product. See OMRI for more information.